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Welcome to Analytics Vidhya!

For those of you, who are wondering what is “Analytics Vidhya”, “Analytics” can be defined as the science of extracting insights from raw data. The spectrum of analytics starts from capturing data and evolves into using insights / trends from this data to make informed decisions. “Vidhya” on the other hand is a Sanskrit noun meaning “Knowledge” or “Clarity on a subject”. Knowledge, which has been gained through reading literature or through self practice / experimentation.

Through this blog, I want to create a passionate community, which dedicates itself in study of Analytics. I share my learning and tips on Analytics through this blog.


Who am I?

I am Kunal Jain, a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. I have spent more than 6 years in field of Business Analytics.

My work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. For more than last 3 years, I have been instrumental in setting up a Business Analytics & Intelligence team in a multi national Insurance company. During these 6 years, I have worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Adobe Insight (Omniture) and Matlab.

For any queries or questions, please feel free to reach out to me on kunal.jain@analyticsvidhya.com


Why study Analytics?

With growing data and complexity, data analytics will become a competitive advantage for companies doing it well. Have you ever wondered how social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin can suggest you friends in near time? How can Google use its search query data to identify areas under pandemic influence? How can a grocery store predict pregnancy of its customer even before it was known to her family?

All of these are examples of analytics at work in real time. And this is just the start. With increasing usage of mobile devices and digitization across the globe, advantages of investing in cutting edge analytics are unlimited.

According to Harvard Business Review (October 2012 edition), job of a data scientist is the sexiest job of 21st century.


How can this website help?

While the need for analytics experts is clear, the shortage is shocking!

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (In a May 2011 report): “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.”

Imagine what would be the number across the globe…

While this blog would not be able to cover shortfall of this magnitude, it can certainly provide resources for people willing to learn the subject.


What can you find on this website?

I aim to provide as many resources as possible for learning analytics. These resources include:

  1. Training and tutorials: Stuff to get you going
  2. Tips and tricks related to Business Analytics and Business Intelligence tools
  3. Case studies: Case studies of problems and their analytical solutions
  4. Interviews of Business Analytics & Business Intelligence leaders

So what are you waiting for. Explore Analytics Vidhya and become awesome in cutting edge Analytics.

P.S. The views expressed on this website, be they in text, pictures or sound, are my own independent views. They are not influenced by my employer or colleagues.

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  • Sahil says:

    Can I know that Where is your office?

  • vaijyanti says:

    Hi kunal,

    I am very keen in joining analytics industry. I did an executice program in business analytics and business intelligence. I almost searched for many jobs. Nothing turned out fruitfful. Now recently i came across an ngo that requires data analyst. I might be initiating the analysis as i will be given raw data. what is your suggestion? How should i start the procedure. I prefer working on R.


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Vaijyanti,

      You should ideally look for first job with longer Outlook. If you do not get any other option, you can take up the data analyst role. For working on R, you can look at our learning path in R. Hope it will help you out while working on R.


  • shubhangi says:

    Hii Kunal,
    I am MBA in finance and HR( dual major). I have an experience in retail banking for 3 years . I was working there as Relationship Manager but was also handling daily branch banking operations, investments etc, and now looking to move into bussiness analyst profile in bfsi domain. Kindly help me on how should i start with, to move into this.


  • Kunal says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Another kunal this side :). Just wanted to know I have around 3+ years of experience in data analyst field. Just looking for a career change in big data. Can you please suggest the correct path.

    Kunal Chamoli

  • Rajni says:

    I am looking for omniture training institute?

  • Poonam Pitty says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have around 7 years of experience in Research and Analysis both Financial research and Business reseacrh. I have also done a basic certification course in Business Analytics and find it to be interesting. I would want to go into an analytics career, however I will have to build the skillsets for the same. Please can you guide as to how can I start with the same to be able to make myself eligible for the relevant job opportunity in the area?


  • Himanshu Khattar says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I felt really good visiting your website. You and your team have touched upon points which the analytics professionals or beginners are facing in real time. Kudos to all of you!

    There is something which I am also searching an answer for. I am B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar. I have spent two years in Business Research industry where we support client on real time business decisions. With this, I am also learning SAS as I want to develop my career in Data Analytics.

    Currently, I am pursuing SAS Base programmer course. Should I also go for SAS+BA? What options do I have for a career shift in the near future?

    Waiting for your reply. Cheers!

  • Ashish says:

    I’m a commerce graduate and fresher and I’m from kolkata.
    Please suggest me that which Institute would be best for data analysis course for me?
    I don’t wanna study online.
    What’s your opinion on data analysis course of NIIT and TimesPro?
    Is it good choice for fresher to chose data analysis course?


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