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Kunal JainKunal Jain, founder of Analytics Vidhya is an IIT Bombay graduate and has 8 years of Global Business Analytics experience. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India.

In his last engagement before starting up, he had set up and scaled up a Business Analytics & Intelligence team in a multi-national Insurance company.

Always keen to learn the next technological disruption, he can have passionate discussions about gadgets, automobiles, technology and health (although the amount of discussions on health has no correlation with his own fitness!) at any time of the day.



tavishTavish Srivastava, co-founder of Analytics Vidhya is a post graduate from IIT Madras in Mechanical Engineering. His analytical projects vary from hands on analytics in a developing country like India to convince banking partners with analytical solution in matured market like US.

For last three years he has contributed to various sales strategies, marketing strategies and Recruitment strategies in both Insurance and Banking industry.

He has been consistent in watching movies ( hollywood / bollywood or whatever comes to box office) every week for last 3 years. Apart from watching movies, he loves to taste variety of cuisines in different restaurants across India.





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